• Control your organization’s content with a Document Management System solution from Olive IT. We help you store, manage, and track all of your electronic documents.

  • Systems fail. People make mistakes. Disaster strikes. You never saw it coming. Back-ups are a necessity for a digitally active business today. We’ll help you put a plan together that can prevent your business from losing valuable data.

  • It’s more than just phone and internet. It’s the communication and connectivity your business relies on to stay in the marketplace. We partner with providers to bring the best solution to your door and implement the infrastructure to make it work for you. Olive IT keeps you connected.

  • Save money. Increase efficiency. Scale your business. Become more competitive. Olive IT can help your business realize the benefits of cloud based solutions.

  • Become more efficient by saving time and reducing the cost of tracking your company’s IT assets. Our tools monitor your network and devices 24/7 and alert you when issues arise, avoiding costly downtime and loss of productivity.

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